No Fear in 2013



No Fear in 2013

This is the year to quit being afraid.   Let’s start with these 7. 

  • Don’t fear having to memorize all your product specs and prices.  What matters is you remember how the darn thing helps them do what they really want to do.
  • Don’t fear social media.  Embrace it.  More people, customers and employees talking to each other is way better than silence.
  • Don’t fear the so called demise of the offline marketing world.  I don’t know any business that is moving totally away from it.  Blend is always the key.  In fact, that integrated offline/online mix might get a little more attention than it used to these days.
  • Don’t fear the board game.  It’s OK to make eye contact with your kids now and then. 
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper.  Classic tune.  Have a Listen.  I heard they played at my High School way back in the early 70’s.  Yup they did.   
  • Don’t fear going back to school.  In fact, everybody should be in school.  If you are not dedicating to  learning something new at least an hour a day at least (and I don’t mean watching or reading “news”, timelines or posts) you are behind your competitors tomorrow.
  • Don’t fear Neuroscience and Neuromarketing.  Get into it.  How you think, why you think the way you do.  Why your clients and team react to things the way they do is important to know .  As someone once said… “Just because it is your brain, doesn’t mean you know what it is doing”. 

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2 thoughts on “No Fear in 2013

  1. Ryan Carlson

    Great blog Mark!
    I have commented on your blogs in the past but this one really hit home.

    Thanks and I hope you had a nice New Years!


    Ryan Carlson
    Territory Manager NE/Mid-Atlantic / Tri States
    LoJack Corporation – Commercial Division

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