Important Sells



Important Sells

  • Isn’t a meal more important when it is perceived to be a means towards losing weight or is it when it is consumed because you are hungry?


  •  Isn’t a car more important when you plan on passing it on to your teenage kid or is it when you just need to get from A to B?


  • Isn’t a business card more important when it helps you rebrand yourself or your business or is it when you just need to leave something behind so they can reach you?


  • Isn’t a website more important when you need to stop the competition from stealing your customers or is it when everyone keeps saying you should have one?


It’s always the former, not that latter.

If you sell meals, cars, business cards, websites or anything else for that matter, you’ll sell more of them when you get at how those products can help a person achieve something bigger.  When that happens, those products and you become more important.

Get at it.  Most people and businesses are not shallow.  There’s some dream, some pursuit they are after.  Tie your products and services to that dream or a goal and your stuff becomes more important.

Important sells. 


Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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