What Gets Your Attention?


Everyone’s a little smarter now about sales I suspect.

In the old days it used to be all about pounding out phone calls, or having a killer discount or overcoming tough objections.  But we know especially now, what the real challenge is;

It’s about getting attention.  It’s about standing out a wee bit against a worldwide online bevy of competition.  It’s about getting that customer to even notice you’ve changed or have something that might help them.  It’s about grabbing “eye time” with an email or a first page Google ranking or getting one real minute (or maybe two if you are lucky), of a prospect’s face time or phone time. 

That’s the real challenge.   It’s not the “selling” that’s tough once you get attention necessarily; it’s getting the attention (however brief) that you need to even start the sales process.  

So how do you do it?  How do you grab attention?

You don’t have to go far or deep to figure that out.   Look around; your attention is piqued all day.

  • You looked at that hot pastrami sandwich and fries for lunch because yes, you saw the line of people and everyone else was getting it.
  • You noticed the safety poster outside the restroom because it had changed.
  • You made a mental note to dig up that old sales training because you saw someone just like you, using it successfully.
  • You listened and moved closer to that group talking because they were laughing and having a good time.
  • You scribbled a note about getting that book on personal finance cuz heck, the guest on the radio was an expert.

So attention getting isn’t so much about features and benefits and special offers.  It’s talking about, structuring and extending your sales and marketing approaches around simple things that get your attention every day.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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