The APG3


It’s a pretty simple formula.

Elevator Speech = A+PG+3.   Or as I’ll coin it an APG3

An Elevator Speech that leads with a powerful Analogy, offers the removal of some Pain or the addition of some Gain and has Three(3) parts that illustrate how that all happens; is simply the best.

That is if you think the Heath Brothers who wrote the best sellers Switch and Made To Stick, a world renowned writer and speaker Brian Tracey and Apple’s Steve Jobs know exactly what they are talking about. (Hint: they do).

Combine three of these genius’s passions and you’ve got a great recipe for Elevator Speech success.

  • The Heath brothers in their books, exude the power of the analogy (it brings instant vision, a feeling and an understanding to the listener).  Think about the famous Hollywood pitch later made into that blockbuster movie Alien,…  “It is just like Jaws but takes place in space.” Steal from them.
  • Brian Tracey has for years spoken of the power of “pain and/or gain” from a clients perspective.  Love Brian.  Love this perspective.  Steal it.
  • Steve Jobs lives and loves “3’s” in all his presentations.  Watch him on YouTube.  He is the master of getting a compelling message out so steal from him.

Combine the three and you’ve got a killer approach to an elevator speech that is short, sounds like a human could say it (instead of the sound when it belongs in a brochure) is customer focused, attention getting and leaves em’ wanting more.

Let’s try one.  Let’s say you offer marketing to businesses for a living…

I’m like a smart GPS for how to grow your business with marketing.   I know exactly where to go and make it incredibly fast and easy for a business to get that done right.” 

“And there are three things I do really well to make this happen…”

 “First, I keep my customers because I do what I say I’ll do;  after almost 10 years, I’ve grown to nearly 100 customers that continue to trust me, and trust is a big deal”

 Two, I “get it“, I know how to bring new business into businesses.  I’ve created new tools and training that frankly impress the heck out of clients when they see it.

“Lastly, I obsess over the service and help after the campaigns.  I know what business needs when it comes to marketing and it isn’t this “one and done” type stuff. Most of my time and development goes into ensuring there is continuous sales improvement.”

So let’s dig a deeper and let me show you a couple of the tools that impress retailers in particular OK?“…

So that’s a start.   Tenses can easily change to “we”.  Analogies can be changed to different better/ more interesting.  Pain/ Gain can change dependent on what your focus is and the 3 things done exceedingly well are all fair game.  

My example set aside, these pieces rightly so must be crafted and crafted well.  A very worthy effort for you or any sales groups to be focused on.    A good Elevator Speech makes for darn good voicemail, blog About page, email or Facebook post as well.

So that you can play this game at home;  Here is the APG3 in summary;

  • Analogy:  Be impressive and memorable with this.
  • Pain and/or Gain: not for you, for the prospect!
  • Three(3):  pick the best, leave em’ wanting more!


Till next time,

Grow The Business,



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