Stop Being So Selfish



It doesn’t make you a bad person.

You’ve got a job to do.  You’ve got to feed the kids and pay the bills.  And you have to hit your quota.

But, you have to just stop it.

It doesn’t become you and it’s certainly not helping you. 

Stop being so selfish. 

Ask any sales rep just before they dial the phone, or walk in the prospect’s door or start that client webinar, “What’s your objective?” and I’ll guarantee that 99.996% will say something about themselves.

“I’m calling to let her know we have some specials and more to offer on…”

“I’m looking to try and get an appointment with purchasing…”

“I want to discover in this meeting what they are doing next year as far as initiatives go…”

It’s all about you isn’t it.

Don’t lie.  I’ve been there too.   I’ve sold door to door, on the phone and in the C-suite.  You and I both know if we had to answer that question about objectives on the fly, we’d most likely blurt out something about what we want because that is what’s in our head.

Selfish objectives don’t work.   

There is a big difference when you call on a client with the sole objective of making them feel valued vs.  introducing that new sales and service program.  The customer experience is far better and it leads to more sales.    

There is a big difference when you open that door with the objective of taking something off the prospects plate vs. letting them know what you and your company can do.   The customer experience is far better and it leads to more sales.

There is a big difference when your objective is to surprise and delight a prospect vs. to show what you’ve learned about their company.  The customer experience is far better and it leads to more sales.

Today, when I call out to a training client or step out on to the sales floor to coach, my crystal clear conscious objective to “make the customer happy” or “this sales rep will walk away with something they can use today” is a heck of a lot more effective than in the old days when I’d call out to see how we are doing or coached on the floor so I could teach em’ some stuff.


So take a stab at being more selfless when you think of your objectives.  Selfish doesn’t make you a bad person; it just makes you a bad sales rep.



Till next time,

Grow The Business.



2 thoughts on “Stop Being So Selfish

  1. Mark, this is a wonderful, relevant post on a topic that I think about incessantly. The current me centric culture is great concern to me. I see that as the biggest handicap in the current business culture and predominant in sales and marketing.

    This was a catalyst to my recent sabbatical from social networking and publishing. The time was used to get my mental arms around these behaviors so that I can deliver messages that will be well received. You’ve done an excellent job here. Keep it up!

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