What Needs To Be Tougher


What Needs To Be Tougher.

We are all competing on a global stage today.  No joke.  Our prospective and existing clients have global options for highly intelligent, well trained partners, providers and suppliers that are literally seconds and clicks away.

 But if I’m going to compete, I like to win.  If you read this blog regularly, you do too.

 Some things then, need to be tougher for us to keep winning.

Training:   Tougher should begin at home.  (Training is where I lead today).   Training needs to be tougher.  Think Training Idol. Think harsher judgments, tougher role plays, more tests and certifications.  We’re not talking Gladiator camp here but learning what you need to learn has to stick and stick better.

 Coaching:  Not in the way you think.  A lot of us coach (me included) and a lot of us “wing it”.  That’s not fair to folks who need us to help them and frankly, it is not effective.  If you coach, get smarter about it.  Get a structure.  And most importantly- plan in advance; give it some hard thought and do it more often.

 Representing The Brand:  You are an extension of your brand.  Period.   You must wear it well especially when you are in front of clients and prospects.   It’s not enough to just fix the problem, enter an order, answer a question, blather an awful answer about “what you do” at a party or pull together some information well for a prospect.   You must proactively extend the brand’s promise.  How you help clients, how you differentiate, how you bring amazing to the marketplace.  Brand Matters.   This isn’t easy to do.  You have to do it in ways that don’t raise tension or confuse or annoy but you must do it.  The stage is bigger now and we all need to stand out.

Tougher isn’t a bad thing. 

On the other side of tougher is a better chance of winning.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



6 thoughts on “What Needs To Be Tougher

  1. Great post Mark! I see we have many common blogs that we like to follow 🙂 You are correct in saying that on the other side of tougher is a better chance of winning. Thanks again..

  2. Dawn Aker

    Makes me think of “more, better, different”…really speaking to the better and the different! No matter if you are a leader or not, we ALL coach – even if it is self coaching/goal setting. The margin for error is now paper thin as our global market comes ever closer, so as you said “Brand Matters”…it matters in every voice message, phone call, order entered, email sent. It should be a consistent internal/external brand. These are truly exciting times! It’s up to ALL – not just leaders – to train, coach, brand!

  3. agulickgem

    I just recently went through some training on “How to Coach”. It was eye opening to see that you really do need to plan when you coach. I so often “winged it” as well. However, I think you also need to be tougher in the follow up of your training/coaching. Was it effective? Is it providing the results you were looking for? Is it being followed by the person who received it? Not just right after the training or 6 months after the training but years after the training. So often we train and coach and then it all fades into the sunset. There is no consistent follow though. It comes in waves eventually to the point where the trainee can just say, “I don’t have to stick to the training or the coaching until it comes up again.” With more consistent follow through we will make sure that what we want to instill in people will be there for a long time to come. Or at least until the decision is made that the training needs to be changed or improved on as continuous improvement is something that always needs to be happening in an organization.

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