Numbers Matter


Numbers Matter

“You’ve been a customer for many years…”

 “We have a lot of customers where you are….”

 “We build a ton of websites for small businesses….”.  

 Shoot me now.

 Numbers matter.  

No specific numbers can sound like you are lazy.  No specific numbers can sound like you are reading from a script.  No specific numbers sounds like you don’t care.  No specific numbers says you are probably making it up anyway.  

Trust is low in the marketplace.   No specific numbers makes it worse.  Customers and prospects are yearning for numbers – real numbers, real proof that you are credible or that you do care.

If you know how long a customer has been with you in the number of years or months, share it.  If you don’t know- find out and share it every time you contact them.

If you know exactly how many customers you have that are just like the prospect you are talking to (i.e. exactly how many in their town/city or exactly how many just like them (their line of business) are already customers)), then share it.  If you don’t know- find out and share it every chance you can.

If you know how many websites or widgets or thingamajigs you have that people use or buy or love then share that.  If you don’t know- find out and then spit it out.

Numbers are credible.  Numbers are proof.  Numbers get attention.  Numbers earn you a first look or even a second look.  Numbers get you sales.  

Numbers Matter.  


Till next time,

Grow The Business.



One thought on “Numbers Matter

  1. Very powerful and I agree so very much 🙂 So much more alluring and compelling to hear someone say “We had 25 people close on that in the past year” rather than “We had many people purchase”

    It adds an element of “Wow, not only do people buy, but I WANT to listen to this person because they know their data it’s not just something being “spewed” generically”

    When you dig deeper, this gives credibility to the presentation especially when it can be enhanced with testimonials 🙂

    My two cents!

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