7 Bold Predictions For 2012


7 Bold Predictions For 2012

I’ve done these before.

 And by the way,  that’s “Mr. Markstrodamus” to you.


Talkology Will Rule.   IPhone 4s’ Siri, Dragon Dictation and the like continue to grow in influence.  It’s a mere matter of time.  Holding a phone to your ear was a pain in the tuckus so Bluetooth came along,  nested in our ears and gave you your arm back.  Why deal with the sprain and pain of typing then?  Wireless microphones we will all soon wear as we enter orders, write reviews and even update systems like salesforce.com

QR codes will explode for businesses large and small.  Don’t get what these are yet?  They allow you and your customers to spend more time with a product.  Be the first to have a ritual develop using the QR codes with your brand, your stuff, your resume’, heck even your T-shirt.  Enough with the “What is this QR code again?” stuff.  Learn it – and execute on it ahead of everyone else.  Someone else agrees with me on this one see here.

Attraction” Will Be The Marketing Buzzword.  It’s not about getting “attention” or calls to “action” anymore.  It’s about building a product, a following, coveted knowledge or even a legend about what you do or can do.  You will aspire to have buyers search and yearn for you so much you need to beat them off with a stick.  Look for sales training, marketing campaigns and web content to rally around the best way to answer the customer pleas of “Tell me more!” instead of the other way around.

Video Selling Will Actually Happen.  Never did really take off eh?   But it’s getting easier everyday and frankly too much is lost for seller and prospect alike without visual cues.  Get out your Skype or Face Time  Makeup (I can assure you that’s a product coming) and either iron that shirt or cover it with a sweater cuz’ now its going to matter.

You Are For Hire” Booms:  Oh, you’ll keep your day job but frankly social networking isn’t working fast enough for many businesses.  You’ll be contacted based on your “Kloutish” or Tweet Grader scores, or  number of Facebook fans et all, then signed up and rewarded in $$ for influencing your friends even though you aren’t part of any affiliate program.  It’s like Mary Kay and Lia Sophia cept you do it online and without a blog.  Trust is low.  But Trust is necessary for buyers to buy and now Trust will be worth cash to you.  ( And you will take it because you will believe!)

Simple Makes A Comeback.  Oh sure we all think we are simple to buy from or deal with; except that we aren’t.   We know that we as a species have outgrown our ability to remember and execute well upon what we learn as what we are learning is so vast.  We know we have to bring simple back.  The single greatest killer of sales is not the status quo ( are you kidding me in this economy people and businesses want to stay put?????) rather,  it is complexity.  Confusion and complexity is like hitting the emergency brake on sales.  Look for “It’s as easy as 1- 2 -3” to come roaring back.   

2.5 = 3.5, XLVI, 2, 18 & 8:   Charlie Sheen rejoins 2 & 1/2 men ( as  the show is plain terrible now- and really, who likes Alan playing the bad sleazy guy anyway!) -They’ll say it was all a dream.   Also, The Patriots win Superbowl XLVI in February, The Bruins repeat, The Celtics get banner #18 and Red Sox crush Theo’s Cubs in World Series to get their 8th trophy.    How do you like dem’ apples?

That’s what I see, and you?


Till next time,

Grow The Business.



2 thoughts on “7 Bold Predictions For 2012

  1. Brian Switzer

    Gosh Mark, Boston is really going to dominate professional sports next year. I’m curious- do you see UMass cutting down the nets in March, B.U. claiming a collegiate hockey title, Harvard winning the College World Series and B.C. bringing home the BSC title?

    Other than your sports prognostication, that is a really great post. One question- starting with zero knowledge, what’s a good source for learning about QR codes?

    Thanks for all you do.

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