Horrible Bosses


Horrible Bosses is a hot movie of late starring the likes of Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Anniston.  

 The premise is that if your boss is horrible well um… go ahead and kill em’ (or at least try to). 

 That’s a little dangerous in the real world.

 You might get caught.  🙂

 Ah seriously, I don’t condone violence towards any horrible bosses.  Too messy. 

 Here are four other (and better) ways to deal with a real horrible boss: 

Demand he play well with others.   You know the type – the “I’ll take my ball and go home type”.  Not open to hearing concerns about your competing priorities, instead you hear “Fine, I’ll find someone who can get it done” and then you hear a click and a dial tone in your ear.   This same guy makes no effort to collaborate but rather rams his way through people.  This faux cowboy attitude is for the movies and 6 year olds.  Kidnap this guy, surround him with your posse and scream “This is your team, we work together!”


Force her to take a stand.   I suspect this is the most common trait of a bad boss; the fear of, or unwillingness to take a stand or pick a path or make a decision that means something.  Swamped or swimming purposely in administrivia, the boss shirks the tough calls and instead being right or wrong, she is neither and everyone suffers in a frenzied, crazy busy world of essentially nothing.  Corner her and take dead aim at imploring her to make choices!  Even wrong decisions are better than none; at least then you can learn and move on.


Don’t Dread on meShe’s the one you can’t stand to see, hear or read – literally all the time.   You see the email from her and you just don’t want to read it as you know it is bad news.   You arrive in the morning and ugh, your voicemail light is on so that means she wants an answer or OMG she just walked out of her office and is walking your way hell bent to talk to you about your “improvement opportunities”.    Enough!  Does every interaction Ms. Boss have to be about something “wrong” or “bad” or “concerning”?   Grab your scepters, your hoods, walk around like the Grim Reaper and let her see what you see.  Dread is not a way to lead.


Unfriend him. Don’t you wish could do it more often with your friends in social media or even at home with family or relatives?  But in the world of work, this guy is the boss who saunters up beside you and says “Yeah, this new incentive plan is a stretch” or “Geez, we made this product 10 years ago and it didn’t work then…”  News flash Mr. Boss, I’m not your buddy and I am not your chum.  You’re my boss and your immature efforts to bond with me as a “friend” by back stabbing your peers is appallingly odd and makes you look weak.  And who wants a weak boss?  Collectively dismember your friendship status with this guy as fast as you can and demand a change in his status back to loner.

There you go.  Horrible gets better and nobody dies.   Not much of a movie but aren’t horrible bosses enough drama already?

Till next time,

 Grow The Business.



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