When Just Do It is Just Worse


Tried to fix a vacuum yesterday.  Almost did too.

Nearly finished, I dropped the vacuum putting the last screw in.  Exploded all over kitchen floor.  Now it won’t even turn on. 

I do this a lot.  I get all jacked up on a whim to tackle these little projects usually on a weekend.  Move a couch and instead rip the fabric.  Fold down the lawn mower to make room in the shed and instead snap off the starting rope.  Change the shower head cuz’ gosh darn it, the other one is so old and now I’ve got a leak I didn’t have before.

 When I do these little projects things often get worse.  I realize I don’t prepare or think too much in advance of these things.  I just do it. 

 And if I’m honest with myself sometimes this happens at work too (though with my boss subscribing to this blog too, I’d rather not share exactly what I’ve made worse thank you very much :))

 But the hindsight view is usually the same – it’s a result of not a whole lot of preparation or thought before tackling an issue or an opportunity;  I get all jacked up and um… just do it.

 When just do it makes it just worse, then it’s time to ditch that catchy marketing phrase at home and at work and just leave it on the ball field. 

Till next time,

 Grow The Business.



4 thoughts on “When Just Do It is Just Worse

  1. Yes, yes, yes.

    Although, Mark, I think the “just do it” crowd has a fair point. Preparation and research are important, but many us spend too much time on it. Fear of failure often means never getting started.

    I am like this with direct selling. So I research the lead. I fine tune my materials. I check my tie 5 times on the way out the door.

    Preparation is important, but leaving your comfort zone is also.

    • Responding to Jeremy Powers:

      What if your “comfort zone” is acting without preparation or planning? What if your comfort zone is never questioning the direction you are facing when you barge ahead and Just Do It?

      Carl Ingalls

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