Yeah, these words don’t go together anymore.



Big Network:  Nope, you have no network if it’s too big.    Smaller is better.  Smaller is more influential.  Smaller is more trustworthy.  Too many connections or too many followers and too many fans and trust dissipates and doubt rises.   Micro Networks are growing and will grow and grow and then will split off and get smaller and smaller.  And then rinse and repeat.


Sales Expert:   They call me one but I know that phrase is dead.  Sales is marketing is sales is teaching is sales is training.  It’s all blending together now.  Marketing people sell and sales people market (and are marketed themselves).  Trainers sell (because knowledge is the new hot product) and trainers market and customers sell and customers market for themselves or you.   I see it every day.  It’s not always comfortable but that linear business model is no more- the prospects dear friends, have said they want it this way.


Closed Sale:  It’s a new game out there.  Nothing is closed when the sale is done.   Nobody need be loyal anymore.  Nobody need be local anymore.  It’s all about wanting to want to be.   So when a sales is closed, that is when selling really begins now.  When a sale is closed that is when investment and calories and phone calls and unbelievable customer experience has to begin.  It’s too easy to walk away now.  ClosedSale?  Hardly – it’s only just begun.




Till next time,


Grow The Business.



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