Friday Reprise



Dear Reader,

This blog is a youngin’ (a mere 10 months old) with about 100 posts.   Thank you for visiting today and whenever you do.  I write not for me you know.  (Well writing really helps me think so that is a bit of a lie)

What strikes folks about posts on sales,marketing, training or just life?  I took a look at the stats last night.     

Here are the 5 most popular blogs in order based on page views so far.     You might know them. 

5 Oddly Wonderful Things to Say to Customers   

6 Questions Never to Ask a Customer

Still The Luckiest Man in the World

Treat Your Boss Well

You Had Me at Hello (and then you just let me go)


What does it say that these are the most popular posts so far?  To me is says that obviously a post has to catch the eye of (and this is the essence of social media) someone who is both influential (lots of followers, subscribers etc) and cares to recommend and share – but that in general; people like short, valuable and interesting content written in a way that is perhaps a little different or unexpected and that on occasion, moves you a little bit or makes you think.

Shocker eh?  

That’s a darn good recipe for a bunch of stuff like selling andmarketing and training too.

Only wish I could do that every time I post.   Enjoy!

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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