Why I love Dancing With The Stars


I don’t dance.

Well, I do but it’s frightening.   Think Kevin James dancing in Hitch and that’s me.

I don’t watch dancing and I certainly don’t watch a TV show about dancing with celebrities.  

Three weeks ago my wife and daughter forced me to watch at least the start of this Dancing With The Stars show.  Glumly I sat ( though not that glumly holding an ice cold beer in one hand and a spatula in the other as I had every intention of making a break for the grill as soon as we hit first commercial), and I watched.

I watched it again last night.  There is something about the show that moves me (thankfully not literally) aside from the competition.  Some things I think can make a difference that if like me, they move you too.

It’s uncomfortable.  Stars in their field (like sports or acting) are doing something perhaps against every fiber of their body and mind.  I get that some celebs are addicted to the celebrity or the money but honestly, there are more than a few where it is very clear that the person is both highly comfortable with themselves and yet remarkably self deprecating.  I know people just like that at work and in my life.  They are the best leaders and the best friends.

There’s a mentor.   I want one.  I want a dance pro partner who takes me under her wing and says “This is crazy but you are going to do it anyway”.  I want to stretch and do uncomfortable things, really uncomfortable things and would love that kind of guidance and support and direction from a mentor.    It’s powerful.  Maybe I need to go find one and beg him or her to consider helping me in a space I long to be but seemingly do not fit.  Or maybe, I need to be available as a mentor for someone else who is looking for that unbelievable stretch.

That expertise blows my mind.  The dance professionals – they are athletes at the highest level.  Yet unlike most athletes, they also choreograph the plays.    How many superstar athletes have that vision, that artistic vision, to tell a story on so many levels?  They must interpret the dance, the era, the story, the emotion and oh yeah actually dance it themselves.  That depth of skill is bit unfathomable to me.  See, Create, Direct and Do.  To See, Create, Direct and Do exceeding well yourself is incredible.    Many of us play, gravitate or just settle at doing one of those four things at work.  Why not do them all?

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



4 thoughts on “Why I love Dancing With The Stars

  1. I appreciate your thought on this Mark. Finding ways to take on an uncomfortable stretch is an ongoing goal of mine as well. I teach for this reason. My recent experience teaching a series of social media for small business classes reminded me once again of the power of this “squirmy” experience! Thanks for sharing this.

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