What’s Your Trigger?


Louis Oosthuizen won the British Open Sunday.   And a little sharpied red dot on his golf glove had something to do with it.

That little red dot on his hand was what he looked at before each and every shot.  That glance, that focus on the red dot helped get him “into the zone” and to “dispel the distractions”.   It was and is his trigger.

  Triggers, as any sports person knows, are a big deal.   They can be a stare, a move, or even a thought but regardless of what they are, it is what they do that matters.   And for Louis, that trigger was something that helped him execute in a very tough job under a ton of pressure.

What’s your trigger?

Playing sports, mine was a tap of my left foot before the pitcher began his wind up.  My younger brother (a much better player) would slam his bat to the plate at the beginning of each at bat; a trigger that worked for well for him (and as an added plus, intimidated the opposition). 

But what’s your trigger at work?  We do great things.  We need to perform under pressure and just like Louis we’ve got to execute difficult tasks well (often repeatedly) without much room for error.

For some folks it’s a phrase or a word they say to themselves before the presentation starts, before the call comes in, or before they push that door open that says “no solicitors”.  For other folks it’s forcing that image of a mentor or a respected boss into your head, or it’s a quick look at your kid’s picture on your desk and the thought of who you are really doing this for.

But more often than not, I’m guessing there isn’t a trigger at all.

More often we just do.  We think hard and we work hard for sure, but I doubt many of us consciously while at work have a “trigger” that helps us get “into the zone” or “dispel the distractions”.  

I think we should find one.  One that helps you instantly lock into that zone.   Maybe it’s a head nod with your eyes closed for half a second as you hear the words or see the face that is your trigger.  Maybe it’s something you wear on your wrist you can cast a glance at 15 times a day. 

I have one.   I have a trigger.  I’ll admit I’ve gotten away from using as often as I once did but Louis inspired me to bring it back.  And yesterday (Monday) was the first day I employed it throughout the day in a quite a while. 

Grew the damn business I did.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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