These Bags Should Not Fly Free


The airlines have a message for you.  Just leave your bags at home or you’re going to feel some pain.  And I think they got this one right.  Maybe we should start charging for bringing bags to work.

Better still, here are 5 bags Sales and Marketing Leaders should just leave at home.

  1. The bag of Costumes:  Too often sales and marketing leaders cover themselves with consultants or brand names to hide inadequacies or lack of confidence.  Work hard on finding the right answers, not buying them and then hiding behind them.
  2. The bag of Old Shoes:  Sorry, but your experience in closing techniques or dealing with objections is pretty worthless today. It’s the beginning of the sales process that is woefully under focused on today.   Leave that 80’s leather at home.
  3. The bag of “Best Employee / Best Practices” Manuals:   Problem with this belief is that the best employees of today are often great at Interruption Selling or Interruption Marketing which will be dead in about 5 years.  Bury that in the yard.
  4. The bag of Infinite Prospects:  The world is smaller now and if you try to bring the bag of dreams that there are thousands or millions of untouched virgin prospects; you’re wrong.  Pay your $25 dollars and bring the bag of Investing Differently in Current Customers.
  5. The bag that Won’t Fit:  You might be brilliant, you might be the answer.  But if you never take a moment to embrace a culture, a department, a division or a team ( even for just a few weeks),  before you try and change it, you’ll never quite fit.


Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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