Ugh! The World Cup Soccer Sales Approach


I figured out why some of our sales efforts don’t work so well.   We sometimes use the World Cup Soccer Sales Approach.  

I tried watching the World Cup over the weekend.  I did.  I watched England vs. USA and Germany vs. Australia.    I was annoyed, confused and bored.    I walked away.  

Thankfully those 5 hours I wasted made me realize that the World Cup Soccer Sales Approach is dangerous.  Use it on prospects and customers and they too will become annoyed, confused, bored and walk away.   

In order to see if you suffer from using the WCSS approach let’s take a look at the nasty 3 step problem that is World Cup Soccer and its sales counterparts.

Step 1Annoy Your Audience.  The trumpets have got to go.  That incessant drone (and it really does sound like angry bees) is all that you hear.  It borders on inane.   This is white noise of the worst kind; white noise that is too loud and won’t go away.   White noise like this can be damaging to sales especially when we cold call (or warm call) customers or prospects poorly.   For those 10, 30 or 120 seconds of you spouting your benefits, or “our possible fit” and other drivel like “I can save you time and money” these folks hear blaring in ear and brain self talk like “How do I get rid of you!”, “Can I just hang up???…” I have got real work to do!!.   Annoying white noise is a big deal especially when practicing interruption marketing or sales.

Step 2 : Confuse Your Audience:   I’m not following what these guys are doing with the ball.  Moving forward, passing backward 3 times, moving forward, and passing backward again and again.  And offsides?; impossible to figure out even in replay.    How often does your client or prospect get bounced or passed around to someone and they don’t understand why either?  How often, just when your client thinks they are moving ahead, does she have to tell her story repeatedly to customer service, technical support, an account manager or in chat?  Confusion causes tension and tension stops sales.

Step 3:  Bore Your Audience:   This is the worst because if you can somehow get past the trumpet blaring white noise and figure out the confusing way to work with your business then it all goes for naught if you are downright boring.  I heard a joke over the weekend that that soccer call “gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!” is really an alarm clock for the sound asleep American on the couch.  My wife was sound asleep watching soccer with me (her last utterance something like.. “nothing is…happening…” ).  And while the commentators never yelled “goal” like in the joke to wake her, the point is not lost.  Boring does not sell.   If your business is unremarkable (especially after that first sale) then your clients and prospects will walk away.   

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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