You Got Facts? So What?


It’s not the size of your knowledge that matters, it’s what you do with it that counts. 

You see, facts are getting less and less valuable every day.  They are just too easy to come by.

I saw two people sitting at a bar the other night playing that trivia game thing; you know the one you pump the quarters into and try and get the highest score.  One of them had an IPhone.    Fastest animal?  No problem, just Google it.  Superbowl X Champion?  That’s easy…Badda -Bing it.  Tallest skyscraper?…Yippy- Yahoo it.  

Game over.   That was fun.   Game means nothing now and so does your score.

Got a new video game for your kid?  Most 12 year olds go online, get the Cheatin’ facts and get the game codes.   Game over.   Good for you that you defeated Tyranna KingZilla, means nothing to me (and really to anybody else either).

Used to be that knowing a lot of facts nobody else knew actually meant something.  Meant you were smart.  Meant you had value.   Not anymore.

If you are the Keeper of the Knowledge, the Knower of All Things or the Encyclopedia of Vital Stuff, good for you except your days of being truly valuable are numbered.  

And that’s OK. 

Knowing facts or having knowledge all by itself had its day, but that was so yesterday.  

  • You’re a plumber who knows how to fix a leaky faucet.  So what? In a heartbeat I can go to ( ) and get all kinds of facts by watching a video on how to fix my faucet.  You’ll never get my call.
  • You’re a sales rep who knows every product, every process and every procedure ever created.  So what?  If you are up against someone who has great sales skills and a good search engine, you’ll get the steak knives and he’ll get the Cadillac.


It’s not about you knowing stuff no one else knows anymore.   Your customers and your competition can know pretty quickly what you know as far as facts go.  It’s about having the skills to do something with the facts.  The skills and applications and ability to seamlessly and proactively use facts to market better, to sell better, to strategize better and to differentiate you from just being a repository of those darn facts. 

That’s a good thing.

People and businesses that can do those kinds of things well will grow in value. 

So chill a bit about the facts (you can get those so much more easily now) and work on the skills.   That’ll make you stronger and nobody for a long time (maybe never) is going to say “so what?” to that.    

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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