I Killed You


I Killed You

I was not a big fan of you. 

In fact,  You is a killer.  So strike first and kill that darn you before you kills you.  

“You” of course here is the 3 letter word. 

When I was selling by knocking on doors and making phone calls back in the day, I just plain killed you every chance I could get.  I killed the word “you” in closing sales, objection handling and anywhere else I could.

Helped me sell more.   

Let’s take a closer look at killing “You” in the closing of sales.

Use “Let’svs. “You”.   Here’s what I mean.   Psychologically from the beginning of time, things are just easier when we do things together.   These things range from hunting down the Wooly Mammoth 50,000 years ago with your buddies, to going in with another couple on the $$ needed for the vacation rental this July.  There is “safety” in numbers and if it’s just you things can be tougher.

So though it may seem unbelievable, the influence of this “togetherness” can help close sales.

Instead of saying things like “Would you like to go ahead and get started today?” try “Let’s go ahead and get started today, OK?”    Before you guffaw and stop reading, know that there are actually three psychological advantages here with this subtle turn of phrase. 

  • Removing the word the word “you” avoids shining that heightened spotlight (even for that nanosecond) on the prospect forcing them to overtly decide “yes” or “no”.   Few like a spotlight and we all are fairly conditioned to say “no”.   
  • Using the word “Let’s” though you are not literally investing with the prospect in the true sense of the word, you are in an instant, suggesting that you are “in this with them” and if you’ve sold well thus far – and you are already a guide and leading this client – why not guide right thru the close? 
  • This approach avoids the “yes” or “no” intersection and instead asserts the question “do you agree with me?”; Agreement with another is often a safer feeling path for a prospect.

There are no tricks or manipulation here.  You aren’t going to trick someone into buying something they do not want by changing the way you might close.  What you are doing though by avoiding that word “you” is avoiding throwing up language that raises tension, forces spotlight decisions and hampers partnering and collaboration.

Do this and you have just improved your chances of closing sales.  Really you have. 


Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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