Time Forward


Time Forward

Sales isn’t about moving the ball forward.  Sales isn’t about getting to the next agreed upon step.  Sales isn’t about pushing it through the pipeline. 

That’s way too advanced.  

Sales is about earning time forward. 

Sales is about doing so well in the first 5 seconds that you earn 10 seconds more from the prospect or client.  Sales is about doing so well in the those next 10 seconds that you get the big prize which is maybe 30 seconds more of that prospect or client’s attention. 

And if you nail those 30 seconds really, really, really well you might just get the equivalent of what feels like a week’s worth of time in this rough and tumble world of Sales, and earn maybe 5 whole minutes more. 

And then and only then, you may garner the right to purchase (yes, I do mean purchase) more of your prospect or client’s time.

You see, time is the most precious commodity there is today.  Worth more than gold I’d say.   And to earn this time at the beginning and to do so well that you get the chance to buy more of it later,  that my friends,  is what you ought to be obsessively focused on doing right now with all of your time.  

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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