Have A Voice Dawg


You have a great voice. 

I’m not talking about your American Idol Steven Tyler “Demon of Screamin” voice here that makes Randy Jackson grin.  Rather it’s the voice that is your perspective, your message, your way.    

That voice matters, maybe now more than ever.   That voice needs to be heard. 

You can be “voiceless” by being a fantastic collector and sprayer of facts, figures, options, processes, policies, product specs, special offers, FAQ’s or even of opinions. 

But having a voice means you chose something.  It means you chose some way. 

And nothing influences people more – especially today.

You see, it’s an odd thing this abundance of information we live in.  There is so much of it everywhere and in every way that it is often paralyzing.   There’s a longing that is growing now in consumers and small businesses that when they finally get to talk to a real live human being like you – especially one that has built a semblance of trust, to grab hold of you, shake you at your shoulders, drop to a knee and plead:

“What do you think?” 

Not all business owners and decision makers ( by a long shot) want to do all the research, the analysis, the comparisons or read all  the posts, Tweets and articles before making a decision.

Especially when they can’t discern credible content from just plain ol’ content.   And that, in the plugged in world we live in, is where we are today.

So choose that voice, human!   Have a suggestion.  Have a recommendation.  Have advice.  Have an opinion.  Have a strong opinion.    Heckl, have a soapbox, a vision and a darn dream for your customers.

You can choose to have your voice be based on your own beliefs or of those people or companies or content that you trust, love or study.  It doesn’t matter; if you believe it and you share it; it’s your voice.  

And that, as Steven Tyler would say is.”Yeow-Yak-Yak-Yak-Ooww!”

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



5 thoughts on “Have A Voice Dawg

  1. Brilliant post and insight Mark! This is what too many people miss. People/customers want to interact with someone that has a point of view, a perspective, an opinion. They want to work with someone who stands for something.

    It doesn’t matter whether they agree or not, it’s just the starting point for the conversation!

    Thanks for writing! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! Regards, Dave

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