I’ve gotten a lot of good natured ribbing lately about the word “Love”.  

Yeah, I helped the talented staff here and designed a short training a couple of weeks back around a particular sales effort.  I recommended that salespeople use the word “love” in voicemails and conversations they have with folks.

Darn proud of it I am.   It’s good thinking.  Heard we got some sales rollin’ in too.   

You don’t like the idea?  Feels uncomfortable for you?  Too bad.  You are missing the point.    

It’s not the word “love” that matters as much as what that type of word does.

You have a choice.  Do you want to sound like every other Sales or Account Rep calling or leaving voicemails for clients and prospects or do you want to be different? 

Do you want to be the 11th voicemail the small business owner picks up that is not a needed customer, or their accountant, or a family member but instead is a sales rep (you) and pray that your brochure-like language gets an inkling of attention?  Or do you want to be memorable?

In Voicemail your biggest obstacle isn’t how you deliver your value, or how you position your offer or if you can sound credible – it’s the dang Delete button. 

You bore and you are no more. 

A word like “Love” in a voice mail or in the first minute of a conversation as in “We sent you a coupon for this because we love you” makes wonderful sense when you are calling on customers with any tenure to your organization.    A word like “Love” as in “I love what you are doing, opening a new business- that is exciting” when working with prospects will surely get attention.

Still feels awkward?  It just doesn’t feel right still? 

Find a way.  You are still missing the point.

“Love” and words very much like it, engage something wonderful in a customer or prospect.  They don’t expect to hear that and in one word, it signals uniquely what you think of them – which is impossible to go unnoticed.   No other vendor, sales rep or partner leaves words like “love” on a voicemail today let alone in a conversation.  And maybe, just maybe if you do this – that customer or prospect will perk their ears up, listen to the rest of the message and who knows, write your number down and call you back.

So whether the word is “love” or “adore” or “cherish”, each will get attention.   And it sets you apart in a memorable, wonderful way that will get you far more business than if you sound like everyone else.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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