I suspect some of you are like me.  

And I bet like me, you would hate it if you started seeing highway signs with just three letters – “QVZ”.

Let me explain.  

On Sunday, my wife and I decided (along with the two 13 year olds in the back seat who somehow pried the Ipods and Iphones from their cold cramped hands), to play that classic Alphabet game you play while driving.  Don’t think too deep; it’s a long ride.   But the game is Old School.  Good Times. 

20 minutes into the game, one of the recently minted teenagers, (perhaps cranky not used to keeping his head held level for any extended length of time) exclaimed “I wish there was a sign with all the hard letters!”  


What fun would that be?  Where’s the challenge in the alphabet game if the three toughest letters to find (Q, V & Z) are just given to you? What mini thrill, what little adrenaline rush would that be?  None is the answer.  And what good is that?

People like us enjoy the “thrill” of getting through that alphabet before we get to our destination or we …..LOSE.  We like to look hard, fast, wide and crazy** trying to find what we are looking for.  

People like us set little challenges, little goals, little obstacles in front of us just to see if we can get it done and….WIN. 

People like us do this at work too.   We challenge ourselves to make 30 calls before 11:30, to not leave work until those three competitor sites are reviewed, to spend 3 hours on the floor coaching cuz’ that is what we woke up with as goal for today and today only.

People like us add an initiative to our list that must be done in a week not because it’s been asked of us, but because we want to challenge ourselves in a good way. 

It’s a bit of game for us; these mini challenges.   And when we succeed it’s a rush – perhaps even addictive.   If it’s not something you’ve tried before, I encourage you to give it a whirl. 

And I promise there’ll be no highway signs with the answers to ruin it for you.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


** Last year, with the same two kids in the car (pre- teens then at 12) we played that alphabet game.  We played to win.   We got to “Q” and found nothing (alas, no QVZ highway signs) and with just 6 miles left before home we, ( as you would expect), pulled into a handy cemetery to find our “Q”.   


News Flash:  – Meeting House Hill Cemetery in Dunstable, MA has apparently no Quinns, McQuaids, Quimbys or any other such souls with a darn Q in their name.  Not one.  We rolled and wound our way peering and craning to look at hundreds if not thousands of headstones and yet no Q was found. 


Darkness loomed, we left depressed and slowly headed towards home with irises wide straining to see anything that might have a Q.   200 yards beyond the entrance to the cemetery on the left stood an old house with a little lit sign that read “Antiques Sold Here”.  Hurrah!  We got our Q and the remaining 9 letters (V and Z were shockingly easy finds license plates that night).   Victory!  


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