Yo, Hero



We watched Rocky again Saturday night.  It’s the hero formula we love. 

Someone who is down on his luck, down on his skill or down on himself who faces obstacles, has a dream and against so many odds, succeeds.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Rocky or Rudy or even the King in The King’s Speech – it’s all the same and we love it when we see it.

Try feeling it. 

There’s something out there that nobody thinks you can do, including maybe even you.  Go do it anyway. 

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



One thought on “Yo, Hero

  1. Mark – I did this yesterday, in fact. I decided I would try to close an account in the first meeting. On average, it takes two sit-downs with a prospect before they will decide to contract a new website.

    Yesterday, I decided to try one longer meeting to see what would happen. Closed it, and now my new client will have a site that much faster.

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