5 Irish Sales Tips


I’m Irish.

I grew up Irish Catholic in Boston.

That’s Wicked Irish to you.

May the road rise to meet you.  But if it don’t, here are 5 Irish sales tips to help you keep going anyway.


Irish Cooking Keeps The Focus On You:  Take a client to lunch or dinner.  Find a nice Irish restaurant (yeah, I don’t know one either) or pub and order something of what we Irish learned to do so well – boil the flavor out of what ever unidentifiable meat or vegetables are around.  Without much going on in the plate, you’ve got that client focused on you.

It’s All About The Jig:  I’ve got nieces who perform that Irish jig thing.  It’s a disconcerting dance to watch for sure.  Until you realize what a great lesson that is to you as a sales rep.  It’s all about keeping cool and calm on top but dancing like a fiend below.   It’s about doing all that legwork and dancing on the fly but never letting your prospect or competition see you sweat.

There’s No Hugging In Sales:   A simple nod, a quick handshake and 2 or 3 syllables is pretty much the greeting among acquaintances, friends and quite frankly, my family as I grew up.  Chit chat about kids, last weekends’ activities or heaven forbid – embraces or hugging we believe are just tension raisers amongst us Irish folk especially in sales. And tension my friends, stops the sales process cold.

Great Questioning Begins With A Brogue:   Everyone loves a good Irish brogue.   And you know you do it well when everything you say sounds like a question as the last word of each sentence inflects up in the air like a sweet Celtic jumpshot.  Questions in sales are good.  You can also avoid the discomfort of getting a direct “yes” or a “no” by saying stuff in an Irish brogue like “This is a fantastic offer” or “ This would work well for you” and just staying silent …as the prospect will answer you.

Irish Closing Skills:   Let the jokes fly here.   I‘ll start – “Irish closing skills begin at 2am”,  or “Did you ever try that Irish close called “Last Call””?   Truth is, we Boston Irish Catholic do have a great closing technique.  It’s called Guilt.  Here’s how the Guilt close works.  “Mr. Prospect, your staff deserves this widget as without it they’ll suffer and go home angry or depressed.  And think of the kids, think of them dealing with a Mom or Dad whose Boss never gave them that widget and that’s why little Johnny went without dessert last night.”

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



2 thoughts on “5 Irish Sales Tips

  1. Peggy Lim

    Love this line: It’s about doing all that legwork and dancing on the fly but never letting your prospect or competition see you sweat.

    Nice post, Mark. 🙂

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