The Best Quiz Ever


Let’s assume you want to be better.  What should you specifically aspire to do?

It’s easy to know.  You do not have to look far.  It’s just beneath the surface. 

Take this 6 question quiz.  Write down your answers.  The answers are going to be the ingredients for you getting better.  And you’ll soon see why it is the best quiz ever.

Think of the best of the people you know and love.  Think why they are the best.  Think quickly.  Think short answers.   Don’t think hard.  Your first thought is likely perfect. 

Think about

  1. The best Friend you’ve ever had.  Why were they the Best?
  2. The best Teacher you ever had.   Why were they the Best?
  3. The best Boss you ever knew.  Why were they the Best?
  4. The best Sales Rep, Marketer, Trainer (you fill in the blank; whatever job you do today) you ever knew. Why were they the Best?
  5. The best trait of your Significant Other.  Why is that the Best?
  6. The best Leader you ever knew. Why were they the Best?


These answers are your answers to the ubiquitous “best” questions out there and as such, these answers have real meaning and value to you.  They are in essence, personalized for you.   No book, no speaker, no training class is telling you what being better or being best looks like here.

These answers will help you because you already admire these people and these traits.  You’ll have the added power of visualization, of memories and if you still interact with these folks, of mentors to help you.  

I wrote down the answers about people in my life and simply wove each answer from top to bottom into a statement for how I’ll know I’m getting better; for being the best.  

I’ll be the best when I get better at giving unconditional support, when I can better teach how knowledge really helps you, when I get better at encouraging out of control thinking, when all my client relationships are amazing, when I care more often about others than myself and when I get more relentlessly obsessed with the customer.

Makes perfect sense (to me).  Feels right.  Feels familiar. 

Take the quiz.  It’ll be your own recipe.  And it will be the best; kind of like home cookin’. 

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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