Think Wider



It’s good that some car dealerships realize that it’s not just the car that is in need of getting fixed, but the driver too.  That’s why the newer establishments that understand this have valet service drop offs, uniformed check in managers and wait rooms with Wifi and cafeterias that make a service wait almost bearable.

It’s good that some Hospitals realize it’s not just the patient that is in need of getting fixed, but the loved ones of that patient.   That’s why the ones that understand this have nurses and staff that seemingly “check in” as often about the visiting families comfort as with the patient who is ill.  They have comfortable chairs in patient rooms and yes, even offer to have food and drinks brought up for you; the healthy relative of the patient.

It’s good that we realize that it’s not just a customer’s product or delivery or bill that needs fixing, but it’s that person or business too.  That’s why those of us who understand this need no prodding or training to apologize sincerely, to work feverishly far beyond that one call or connection to rebuild the broken trust and to find ways to mitigate that customer’s loss of time, reputation or even revenue. 

It’s not good enough or actually, different enough to just fix the traditional problem be it the car, the patient or the customer’s product.   Think wider.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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