A Salesperson’s Valentine’s Day


Beautiful poetry can move the soul.  But when I write about my beloved salespeople….not so much. 

Oh sweet Valentine , Oh love of mine,
Today is finally the day for you.
It’s the day this year I pledge to make
A start that’s all brand new. 

For I have heard your pleas to leave work
At work, and to please be more attentive.
That I must “let it go” when I get home
And stop obsessing over my incentive.

So now I promise I’ll shut it off
And stop saying those salesy things at night.
Like “What’s your preferred method of contact?”
For I guess unlike at work, at home it’s impolite.

 I’ll stop waking asking “Are you the decision maker?”
Disturbing you from your slumber.
I already know who’s boss, I really do
But it’s a darn helpful question to hit my number.

So today’s the day it all begins
Where I’ll stop trying to “overcome your objections”.
Where I’ll stop believing every “no” gets me closer to a “yes”
And where finally my love makes course corrections.

Today’s special, or so I’d like to think
For it’s the first day of a brand new me.
Though I just noticed the difference between today’s special
And Todays’ Special is, the slight move of an apostrophe.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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