I stared at it every day.

A lot of snow on it for sure.

Lots of snow everywhere.  75 inches of snow so far this year where I live.  I know, I keep track.

I’d take the dog out and yes, I’d stare at it.   Gee, that’s a lot of snow on that.  It was pretty in the snow.

I’d put the dishes in the sink, make the coffee, rinse a plate or two and I’d stare at it more out the window.  

There’s a lot of snow on that roof.  Boy, it’s snowed a lot this year.  It’s a big old shed the previous owner built.  He was a contractor.  It was strong.   I don’t have a garage, so that shed is very helpful.  I put the lawn mower, the bikes, the paint, the old furniture and a dozen other important things in there- you know how it works.

On Sunday I stared at it more.  

The snow on the roof was gone.  Wow.  Where did it go? 

I stared at it more and realized the snow was gone because the roof was gone. 

Collapsed. Crushed. 

The shed exploded actually.  The sheer weight of what had to be 4 feet of snow crushed it in the center crumpling out all 4 sides.  Truth is, the shed looks like it might have been stepped on by a brontosaurus.  Drive on by my house and you’ll see it; it’s quite the sight.


I soooo realized Sunday that sometimes problems are right in front of us but we simply don’t see them. 


I had heard the warnings on radio about roofs and buildings collapsing under the weight of snow but I did not really hear.  I saw the neighbors taking snow of roofs of sheds and homes and schools for fear of collapse but did not really see.   I stared at the bloody shed for weeks and really did not act.

Wow.  A lesson right there in my own back yard.

What will you notice now?  What can you learn from my now crushed shed I just stared at for way too long?

What is right in front of you and gnaws at you? What doesn’t look right?  What just “bothers” you that you stare at every day.  What do you “hope” does not happen so much that you just avoid it?  What are people telling you that you uncomfortably just “brush off” or ignore?

Be wary.  Whatever it is if you do not act, it could collapse.  And you’d be crushed.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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