5 Oddly Wonderful Things to Say to Customers


They are only “odd” because folks don’t say them too often.   And they are “wonderful” because well……just read on, and I’ll tell you.

  • “I just came out of a Training class on….”  We rarely say this yet many of us attend training regularly in the classroom or online.  We think it is a sign of weakness that we had or went to…um.. a training.    Our clients want to know that you are getting training because heck,  maybe you are getting smarter about them.   And even if you didn’t go to a recent training,  our clients want to know that you read that book on small business marketing trends or that other one on customer loyalty.   Smart sells.  Wicked Smart sells even better.  You have to share it.


  • “I Love You…”  Ah yes, warm and fuzzy for sure but I say, why not?  Why not say “I love you” but tie it to a good reason?  “John, this is such a pleasure.  I love to talk to 5 year plus customers because you know the marketplace and you know us….” Or “I love to talk with customers who take the time to give us feedback, I know how busy you are …”.   Love is a word customers don’t expect to hear, at least from a partner or supplier.  And unexpected love is a very cool thing.


  •  “Guess which one is the most popular these days?”  If you want to improve your chances of a client or prospect listening well or listening longer to your presentation (or even a conversation), you should embed survey-like questions early into the experience like “What % of retailers do you think would say “keeping returning business is more important than getting new business?”” or “Which do you think most retailers prefer, this or this?”  You make the call on the question but do two things; draw out the answer so you insert your value proposition,  and then if you don’t believe me that this works,  read the bestseller Made To Stick (Heath Bros) and take a look at the evidence supplied on page 89.  Folks will pay attention longer to see if they are right or just to know what the right answer is.  Find a way to conversationally add this to your client facing meetings and contacts and more sales will ensue.


  • “You can trust our business with your business…”  This is obviously a B2B thing but 10 years ago I pitched this phrase as something we could and should close phone calls with or have on business cards or ( and these were really new then): emails!  etc. etc.  I have never forgotten it and always wanted to make it part of our customer experience but we haven’t done it just yet.   Now I have proof that this would work –  Have a look at this Roger Dooley article at his Neuroscience Marketing blog  and learn about the real evidence supporting in “10 Words That Build Trust”!  Then, tell me why you wouldn’t want to say “And as always, you can trust our business with your business, have a great day!” 


  • “Here’s what I want you to do..”.    It’s a rare day that we sales and marketing folks send out samples or emails or catalogues or brochures or links and ask any customer/ prospect to do anything.   The most we often eek out is “Have a look and if you have any questions let me know” or “I’ll give you a call next week and you can let me know what you think.”  Ugh.   Be specific and give instruction.  “Have a look at page 3 and circle your two favorites” or “Watch the video and jot down two things that you want more information on as that will be my first question to you when we talk next week”.  People like to help people.  People like (most of the time) to have clear direction.  Psychologically, people will more likely keep that next meeting when there was something of detail they were supposed to do vs. just another scheduled contact.


There, oddly wonderful aren’t they?   Let’s make them a little less odd shall we? 

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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