A Salesperson’s Thanksgiving Poem


A Salesperson’s Thanksgiving

Turkey Day, Oh turkey day,
Football, food and fun.
The problem is like every year,
Your day is too close to December one.

So whilst others sit not worried,
Not concerned, not one iota,
I can hardly touch my food at all
So worried am I, about my quota

Gravy, bread and mashed potatoes,
All look so delicious and nice,
And while I already hit up my friends and family once,
I’m thinking, I should do it twice.

And then I thought as plates were piled,
Up high with a second serving,
What’s the point of this Holiday if
I’m filled with worry and unnerving?

So when rich, tipsy Aunt Betty finally took that tumble,
As she is yearly apt to do,
I broke her fall right quick this time and said,
“Will it be one $10,000 order or two?”

Till next time,

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

Grow the Business.



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