So Misunderstood


Some sales people, when they hear my name, turn their heads away and shrug.

Some sales people, when they hear my name, feel insulted.

Some sales people, when they hear my name, get very angry.

It’s too bad really.

Some sales people, when they hear my name, just don’t get it.   I am so misunderstood.

Because without me, some of the greatest sales people in the leadership world would just about be forgotten.   Without me, you’d not remember half the moving messages of an Obama  or  Reagan or the stirring words of Martin Luther King on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, or the timeless candor of JFK at his Inauguration.   

Without me, some of the greatest sales people in the traditional selling world would just about be lost in the crowd.  Without me, you’d not have heard half the messages of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar or Jeffery Gitomer.

Without me, some of the greatest sales performances around us would just be of the ”Oh So Average” variety.  That guy in Florida, the one that landed the fortune 100 company, that would have been different.  That appointment setting guru, she wouldn’t get half the meetings set up with decision makers she does today without me.   

My name is Scripting.  And I am so misunderstood.

I am not overstating this.  Barack, Ronnie, Martin and John performed crafted messages.  They worked from scripts.  They had visions and dreams and goals to sell.   They followed that script; they wanted to; they needed to.

There is an unwarranted aversion some sales people and sales leaders have to being handed a script. 

You have to remember that a script is content crafted in such a way that a message is superbly told, a vision is passionately stated, or an experience is exquisitely orchestrated

No one who hands you a script is trying to script tone, genuineness, sincerity, passion and excitement.  You own that.  

No one who hands you a script is trying to “de humanize” you or the experience.  It’s the opposite.  That script, that process, that well crafted content is there to allow you to maximize your talents making the experience sound nothing like a script.   Learn from the masters and make the script invisible; that is what you own.   

The great sales people of the world, the industry or even in the building you work in wouldn’t dream of “winging it” or thriving off of improvisation; it just doesn’t work. 

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



4 thoughts on “So Misunderstood

  1. Good blog. Another great example of what you are talking about is Abraham Lincoln. He HATED to speak “off the cuff” and was very adept when in those kind of situations to tell a story rather than talk to issues. A lot of people are under the impression that the Gettysburg address were just a few words that Lincoln put together on the train trip to Gettysburg and the words became immortal. That is anything but the truth. Lincoln spent days working out the structure and logic of what he wanted to say — and that is why the words became immortal. The greatness of Lincoln — or one of the great things about him — is that he was his own script writer and there are few who have been better than him at doing it. I highly recommend you read Gary Wills book –The Gettysburg Address — it is a fascinating look at how Lincoln thought and wrote.

  2. Mark, you did an excellent job of drawing the reader in with a well-orchestrated script that demonstrated your point with nonpareil impeccability. Your post has a Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name soupcon by the Stones.

    Presenting without a script is like constructing a building without a plan and there’s nothing wrong with planned beauty.

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