10 Things I Haven’t Mentioned….


Nice picture.  Screams charasmatic doesn’t it?

Yeah I have to work on that.   But I’ll start with a little more behind the picture today.

I write about what could or should be done in the worlds of sales, marketing and training.   I’m not shy either about having a stand on a few life lessons too.   I’m OK with that. 

So, today here are a few things you won’t read about me in my About pages and that might offer an element of

Well, I have no idea really.

All I do know is that when I read a couple of posts like this one here by blogger Lisa Sonara Beam, who got the idea from Corbett Barr, it helped me. 

Not sure how it helped but it did.   When I read their posts or their tweets now I guess I feel a little more something.  Maybe it was because a little more was laid out there on a limb with the content of the blog.  It was a little more transparent maybe. 

I think too that they feel a little more something when they write having shared stuff that may not have been that easy to share.  Seems like a win- win.

So I’m stealing shamelessly.

1.  My father was a police officer and my mother was a nurse.  He worked days and she worked nights and then she worked days and he worked nights… You get the idea.  Though 4 sons and a daughter, none of us chose either profession as a career.  I feel kind of bad about that.    

2.  Toby W. doesn’t know I love him.  8 years ago he was kind enough to stop me in the hallway and say he knew I was desperately looking for an apartment and that there was one available in the next town over.  7 days and 75 miles later, I moved in, then went to the local church one hot day that summer, saw the love of my new life cantering, married her 7 years later and am still the Luckiest Man in The World.   Toby visits the office every once in a while (he’s a field sales guy), but he has no idea why I stare at him so long, often saying nothing.  He knows now.  I love you man.

3.  I was always afraid of dogs.  Till I got one.  Now I am just a little afraid.

4.  I went to college as an Engineering Major.  Oh yeah, a 5 year program with the last 2 years supposed to be at Notre Dame.   But in my sophomore year at Stonehill College when I started digging into the trash bins in the computer lab looking for hints of how to just start my computer programming assignments,  I realized this ain’t for me and changed majors right quick.

5.  For nearly 5 years I drove 4 hours a day commuting to and from work.  75 miles each way in some of the worst traffic imaginable.  Longest round trip? 9 hours.  You do what you need to do for your family, you discover books on tape and learn first hand that you never travel in the far left lane; ever,  it’s always the slowest.  Stay in the middle lane my friend.  Always.

6.  Writing is the Great Clarifier.  Writing adds more depth to my thinking, strategizing and execution without a doubt.  It’s not something I do in addition to my job.  It is something I do to get the job done.  Hard to explain, but true.

7.  It’s the little things that drive me crazy.  I’ll use cuss words that would make Capt. Quint wince (he’s from the movie Jaws for you youngin’s) when that razor falls out of the cabinet again or I am stuck having to open up a cereal package (impossible).  If I lost an arm in a power saw accident however, I assure you that you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me.  Seen it before; big stuff happens and I’m cool as a cucumber, little stuff happens and the good Sisters at St. Catherine’s would ditch the ruler and grab a 2 by 4.

8.  A 30 pack of Bud Light saved my life.  Between his second and third murder over the span of 5 days, this guy  walked up to my car window while I tried to pull out into traffic in Meredith, NH in 2001.  He leaned into my car window and asked “can I get a lift to the print shop just down the road?”.  His hand heavily resting on the door frame and his head now nearly touching mine, I just glanced at the 30 pack of Bud Light on the passenger seat, shrugged and said “Hey man, no room”.   I  then hit the accelerator harder than I planned and drove off; something just wasn’t right about him.  2 of the 3 guys he killed I found out later, had given him a lift just like I almost did.    Maybe this is why I still love beer so much.

9.  I love my Mom’s music .  On my IPod, I’ve got everything from Jock Jams to Broadway musicals to Mozart’s Requiem to Police (Live!) to John Denver to a dozen full length Biz books.  So what.  Everybody has a wild mix of music.  My favorite Playlist is the one I made for my Mom 2 years ago.  She’s 77.   I burned 2 CD’s for her of her favorite stuff ranging from Church hymns to Paul Simon to Les Miserables and I know I listen to it more than she does.

10. I know nothing about cars, babies, electronics, weapons, meat that is anything but well done, astrology, soccer, tennis and fishing.  Conversely, I know way too much about backyard sports (including dozens of made up games), football, books of lists, scrabble and cemeteries.  So there you go; that about evens it up.

Till next time,

Grow the business.



7 thoughts on “10 Things I Haven’t Mentioned….

  1. Number 8 is one of the coolest “Why I Love Beer.” stories I’ve heard.
    Makes me wanna pop a top in your honor!

    90% of the reason I write is because my mind is a jigsaw puzzle surviving an earthquake.
    I need to get all the mish-mash out so I can see things clearly.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • My pleasure John. I loved your “transparent” post the other day as well. ( tried to comment on it from blackberry– not sure it took) but thanks for your comments. All my beer purchases ride shotgun with me from that day on!

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