Pssst! Check These Out


I’ve got some uncommon sales tips for you.   Not sure why you don’t hear much about them; they really work.  

Learn From Radio Commercials:  These are some of the best guides for how to create interest and sell.  A radio ad has just 30 seconds (or less) to grab our attention and drive you to action and/or make an impression you won’t forget.  Often your sales people have just about the same amount of time.  Next time you sit in the car, really listen and break the commercials down.  You will hear concepts likely in this order; credibility, commonality, benefits, applications and testimonials mixed with humor, contact info and perhaps a jingle.  I guarantee you’ll hear something you can steal by listening, really listening, to radio commercials.  Sales managers, bring a radio to your next huddle, listen to a live commercial and break it down with your team ( I’ve done this for real and it makes a huge impact with your staff) or perhaps gather folks around your car with speakers blaring just before the shift starts- it will be worth it.

Lower Your Voice:. It’s a given in the electronic media and social psychology research shows that the lower the pitch of your voice (even relative to your normal speaking voice pitch); the more credible the message sounds.  Think of this; have you ever heard anything other than a lower pitched voice do commercials or voiceovers on the radio? (This includes female voices, which like males on radio, are more likely to be lower in pitch than the average person of their respective gender). So pick your critical sales phrasing appropriately and lower the tone in just the right places.  And the next time you are justifying why you need a raise, keep that voice nice and low…

Stop Selling One Day Per Week (or more)   Have an existing customer base?  Spend one day per week visiting / calling out and just overtly thanking your clients.  That means more than just saying “Thank You” of course, but the specifics I’ll leave to you.  You could include an article too about how the local demographics are changing saying “I was thinking of you” or drop off a branded promo item with your sincere acknowledgement of their 7 years with your company.  You get the idea. This day will leave one heck of an impression that will lead to more sales and referrals than you can imagine.  

Till next time,

Grow the Business.


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