It Comes With What? “Well La-Dee Frickin’ Dah!”


Gotta step it up a bit folks.

Your company (or maybe it’s you) likely spends a lot of time and effort adding values to products and services that you sell.  Try not to underwhelm your clients or prospects with your lack of focus and skill in articulating them.

If you don’t give enough attention here it’s a missed opportunity to impress or differentiate.  And worse, you can blather so boringly about some of this pretty cool stuff that the client does a mental Matt Foley (the iconic Chris Farley SNL character) and is so underwhelmed they say   “Well La-Dee Frickin’ Dah!  .  Your customers may not yell it like Matt Foley in the  5 second video but they sure as heck are saying it in their heads and all that work and investment in these added values goes wasted.

Fortunately there is a better way. 

Let’s pretend whatever it is you are selling comes with and added value of say  “One hour of free maintenance per month”. You could be like most people and just say it comes with “one hour of free maintenance per month” and then and have the client conjure up the image of Mr. Foley and “La-Dee Frickin’ Dah!”  or – wouldn’t it be better to put the client in the picture here?

  • “All we ask is that once a month, you force your busy self to sit down with one of our experts for an hour and make sure the (insert product here) is running perfectly for you.”

Now let’s pretend your product purchased comes with an added value of a “money back guarantee”.  A real snoozer because while awesome, we tend to think of it as an afterthought.   You could just say there is a “money back guarantee” (like almost everyone else does) and watch the client sleepily drool a little or – wouldn’t it be better to put the client in the picture here?

  • You expect this widget to bring in new business in and it will, but if in 3 months as you turn around and head back in from another long day on the water and you don’t feel it really has –just call me and I’ll put every dollar you spend today right back into your wallet; that’s how confident we are it’ll work.”

And finally, let’s pretend your product comes with “free fluid checks, tire rotation and oil changes for 1 year”.     In this case your product is likely a car (or a van one might park down by the river :)) .  You could just say it comes with “free fluid checks, tire rotations and oil changes for 1 year” and watch their eyes glaze over like mine do when any Friends rerun comes on or – wouldn’t it be better to put the client in the picture here?

  • Let me worry about the car maintenance – you have more important things to do.  Before you head off this summer up to Maine or NH for vacation, bring it in and we’ll check everything from rotating tires to fluids and even change the oil – all at no charge.  We’ll do that same thing before that first snow fall or just before we do the yearly inspection.  No worries and no cost to you from now till your first anniversary with this car. “

Think about added values that surround your primary products and services.  They mean something.  In fact, sometimes they are the differentiators from your competitors.  Work hard to help your clients see themselves leveraging these added values!  Use words and phrases that elicit images and mini – movies for them; it’ll elevate the value of all your stuff across the board.   And do it in a way that if you notice, compliments them as people, consumers or as business owners.  And of course,  avoid at all costs the lack of attention that results in “Well La-Dee Frickin’ Dah!”

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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Know Surprise


Surprises are cool. Surprises stick. Surprises set you apart.

You know the value of surprises don’t you?  I’ve seen a few cool surprises recently.

  • When this doctor’s office gets your call that you’ll miss your appt but then sends an employee out to you (and your broken down car) a mile from the office just to keep you company while you wait for a tow truck and then drives you home; that’s a surprise.


  • When the Tweet comes out with “Here’s a free e-book with 50 ways to build a social network” and the next day,  “Here’s 50 ways to be a sales rock star” and this is all good stuff with no strings attached and there is nothing you could even buy from this guy if you wanted to, that’s a surprise.


  • When Sal, the Nashua, NH  furniture sales rep here, sends you a handwritten note a week after a sale stating it was “nice to meet you and Mary and little Billy”, even that’s a surprise.


These surprises happened to real people I know personally just over the last two weeks.  Surprises are powerful. Surprises get your attention. How are you surprising your customers?

Here are 5 surprises I bet small businesses would love:

  • Send a Thanksgiving card to 50 of your best customers. Whether you work for a big company or for yourself, do it on your dime and on your time.  Nobody expects Thanksgiving cards in business but be thankful; these customers help you feed your kids.


  • 4 hours after a small business places an order with you, call back and say “I had a minute and wanted to say thank you again for your business today, we really appreciate it”.  And then, hang up.


  • Send training or sales or marketing tips to your clients.  They train, they sell, and they market too so they’ll appreciate it even if they only buy widgets from you.


  • Give your last name right at the start of any interaction and spell it for the client, prospect or dissatisfied customer. You’d be surprised how surprisingly welcome that is for folks and how rarely it really happens.


  • Connect via video when talking with a client, or arrange for a Saturday or Sunday presentation when the owner is in office and things are a little quieter, or just text everything back and forth cuz’ you know she does not want to take up the business phone line while talking with you.

Some surprises are surprisingly easy to do, others take a little more work but you get the idea; Surprises rock. Surprises differentiate. Surprises grow the business.

Get to know surprises well.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.