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Life got in the way of today’s post.

The beautiful lady you see here, her name is Bailey.   And this picture was taken by her Dad (my brother) at the beach yesterday afternoon which is her favorite place to be.

Bailey’s struggle is becoming more than she can bear and her suffering ends today.

I see the saddened emails, texts and even tears from the aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and friends this week who know this day is coming.  Bailey has been a part of so many people for so many years.

But we can’t really imagine how hard this is for our brother James.   Please know we love you and are there for you.

It’s cliche and trite to say that Bailey or any loved pet was such a good girl.    But she really was.   Let me share just one thing about her with you.   My brother works in a pretty tough space helping young adults – many who have seen and felt suffering first hand in their young lives.

For years Bailey went to work with him every day and those young people loved her.   She greeted everyone equally.  She never judged or intimidated or abused these kids.   She offered some normalcy, someone to hug or to touch or to just sit quietly next to.

Oh were we to be so good as she.


Till Next Time,


9 thoughts on “Bailey

  1. Marlene Trujillo

    I’m sorry that Bailey won’t be with you any more, but how wonderful it is to count how much joy she brought to others during her lifetime. You said it didn’t had to do with “grow the business,” respectfuly I disagree with that, it has everything to do with it. We will succeed when we make an impact, as Bailey did, we should strive to make a positive impact in our customers life, not just to close a sale.

  2. Brenda Middle

    Bailey. Such a beautiful girl who added so much to many lives. RIP Bailey and condolences to all those she leaves behind.

  3. Sandy R

    Mark, I think it was a great “post about life”. Poetically delivered. Being a dog parent of 4 current and several past. I can relate –these aren’t the hardest days to get through, it’s the first few after realizing the air is more still and familiar routine is interrupted. She sounds like a bit of a hero dog based on her job. It is wonderful that your brother could take her to the beach one last time as well. RIP Miss Bailey.

  4. Such a nice note, Mark. As I read this blog, I’m sitting in my cube with tears filling my eyes. We all know how much dogs are like family. And to lose one is always very difficult. RIP Bailey.

  5. To all, it’s heartwarming to see how Bailey has moved so many. My brother James, when the time is right, will read these comments and will be so proud to see how his precious girl brought folks like you here to leave your wonderful thoughts. Thank you.

  6. Frank M

    Beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing her with us, she inspires us all to touch as many hearts as she in her life time.

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