Got Training Request? Do These 3 Things First



Got Training Request? Do These 3 Things First

You are a Learning Professional and your client comes to you to request some training for her team.

Hallelujah, it’s good to be wanted.  But don’t blow it OK?  Training these days is vital – leaders need it, employees demand it and customers are begging for it. 

Here’s a little help – do these things first.

  • Promise Nothing:   Listen instead.  Ask a lot of questions.  Then say, “OK – let me give this a little thought ( or set up a little more time with you to  learn more) and I’ll get be able to figure out what I (we) can do.” An instant “Yes, sure I can do that”( or “no, I can’t”) gets you nothing but a snapshot of you not giving much thought or care to your craft or profession.  Training is complex ( and ever more so today), treat the request and the requestor preciously – for they are.  When you walk away to think,  (however briefly) about the request you show respect for the effort. 
  • Make Sure It Drives Revenue First.  Revenue is good.  Revenue is sexy.  There’s the old adage that says ” Take care of top line revenue and the rest will take of itself”.  A training request that drives revenue is awesome.  Help your requester and your company see it that way.  There’s nothing wrong with training that drives cost efficiencies or productivity improvements except that those terms are just not as fun to toss around the classroom or the boardroom.  Those efforts drive operating income and influence overall revenue and profit performance -so either way revenue is your lead story.  The “Training Drives Revenue” mantra is key for you and the business.  It influences all to create and deliver training with that in mind as well as coach and measure the impact of that investment.   Training to “teach people to use” is boring ( for the business, for you and for them!).  Training to “improve revenue with” is much better.  My Training team has a belief and mantra you can steal shamelessly:  We are ” A Sales Channel That Happens to Do Training.”  We say it because we believe Training should always drive revenue.  And,  it does. 
  •  Proclaim “One and Done is One and Dumb!” 8 times out of 10,  solely relying on “Event Training” is a waste of time.  Get a request, design and develop the content and deliver in a 2 hour classroom training for example, and then you and the Training department disappear.  That rarely works.  Ensure that in the earliest conversations with the person requesting training ( I’d suggest the very first conversation) include that the most effective training often has “beyond event” attributes.  These could range from an advance training for coaches, to on demand learning module sent to learners after the event training to reinforce the learning, to weekly role plays, engagements in social media, video creation or any other way to continuously educate over a period of time. Training needs to stick.  Effective Training likely needs support before and after any “event’ for it to work well.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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