-10 Under Par!



-10 Under Par!

I took great joy in beating the two 16 year olds Saturday.  Crushed their souls I did. 

But I took greater joy in beating up the golf course.  10 under par was my score – that had to be some kind of record! 

At least for me it was.  I am framing that pictured scorecard and it is going right downstairs in the Man Room on the wall where it belongs. 

10 under!  Some team of golf course architects sat in some design laboratory in Florida years ago when they designed this course figuring out that the hole called “Cliffhanger” was a par 3 and that so was “High Anxiety” and so was that monster hole “Bear Cave”.   Heck, the Masters has names for their golf holes like “Magnolia” and “Golden Bell” and that is one tough course.

But these golf course gurus did not expect my 5 holes in one Saturday (including 4 in a row!) and nor did my son and his friend. “Go build your fragile self esteem and confidence somewhere else” I said, (like I literally did say that).  I was on fire!

I knew my concentration and skill were better than the two teenagers and that I would win, but the best part was I was way better than the “standard” of good golf – by shooting a 34 on a par 44 mini-golf course.  Expert mini golfer in the house!  I’m a darn near pro!  I will always have good feelings about Max’s Mini Golf. 

Now when you think about it, par 44 is probably a bit liberal assessment of the course difficulty.   And probably on purpose by said architects in my vision.  But it made my day. Quenched my competitive spirit it did.   It really did.  Silly I know.  But not really.   There’s something about it that’s good.   And smart.

I wonder if that “better than standard” thing has some value in the workplace and in business. – Actually, I know it does:

  • It’s the crux of the silver, gold and platinum airline classes as well as the credit cards.  Everyone knows “most people” aren’t or don’t perform at these levels so already that kind of “achievement” and expertise ( think all the “professional traveler” commercials you see of late)  taps into the emotional competitive attachment of individuals and to that of the company. 
  • Gamification is  huge in the world of learning today.  In some businesses you log into “game portals” – play games (and learn), earn points, badges and medals advancing through levels and certifications of expertise.  You know all the way along how you compare to “standards” and your peers ( where you rank) in oodles of categories.  On purpose.
  • Pizza joints love the “Beat the Pizza-mageddon” where in the space of an hour two people must eat a pizza the size of a man-hole cover and win prizes and publicity in the local paper.  “Nobody’s done it yet” the sign says.  That’ll drive more than just 2 adults to dare- they’ll bring all their friends too and order up! Bring your competitive spirit and your emotional attachment to the joint like, forever.

So fun is good.  Winning is good.  Earning stuff is good.  But having the chance to walk around town as the perceived professional mini golfer, the professional traveler, or even the pro eater is well, good for business too. 

Till next time,

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One thought on “-10 Under Par!

  1. Jamie

    THIS is my new favorite blog. Absolutely perfect. Great message and very well job Mark! You are the professional mini-golf player… considering that you scored one put below my back nine score as your whole score!

    – the not so good mini-golf player.

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