To Aid



To Aid

After the shock and within 10 seconds, you can see the runners running in.

Of course, more than 20,000 ran on Monday; some ran 26.2 miles, some sadly not quite that much and many of the most brave (and there were so many!),  ran just a few dozen yards of the most important race of their lives.

There were the real runners (who had been running already for hours) who ran into the scene, not away from it.  There were the runners who never were runners – but watchers who ran for the first time that day towards the scene, not away from it.   And there were runners we expected to burst into stride when terror strikes and they did so; the police, the soldiers and the emergency medical personnel all ran into the scene.

It would be so easy to run away.  But watch the shifting shapes and images in the videos – so many move towards, not away.   So many.

It seems we’re a nation of first responders these days and that is sad.  And in Fear, real fear – the kind like we saw Monday, there is often the thought that there are only two choices people make – to fight or to flee but really, there is a third I suspect, and that is to aid.

I don’t live far away from this latest attack on our soil and our souls.  And so for me, there are images that will stick differently than maybe with you in your town of New York or Oklahoma or Washington DC or wherever you heart hurts when these moments of evil occur.    There are those images in Boston somewhat thankfully, that are already fleeting for me, but I’ll never forget the swarm of people running in to aid.

To aid seems deep in the core of many.   And I know that this choice is why while many hundreds were wounded,  so relatively few thankfully perished.   And if there is anything we can take solace and comfort in here, it is that. 

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