Up With Update, Updated, Updating


Up With Update. Updated, Updating

I heard about a company a while back  that instructs its employees never to say that their computers are running slow.  Instead the representatives say “Our systems are updating….” or “We’re in the midst of updating our systems, it will just taking a moment longer…”  

Nice touch.  Smart too.

We all have system issues at times.  And usually yes, there’s some updating going on be it a new release or upgrades or what have you that slows things down. 

The point is the caller on the other end of the line is feels less tension, more confidence and more patience when they hear systems or computers are being “updated” rather than being “slow”.

The use the word “update” even in the On Hold process:

 “Let me put you on hold to get the most updated information.”

Way better than “Let me put you on hold to find out” or “to figure it out” or some other underwhelming phrase.  “Updated” shows how bleeding edge you are keeping up with things and striving for that up-to-the-minute accuracy. 

I suspect “update” has other uses in your world.  It sounds fresh, smart and on top of things.  Heck we live by the word with our smart phones and tablets as an incredibly necessary thing to be on top of those “updates”.

Have a look around.  Update your language a bit.  Don’t underestimate the value of your customers feeling a bit more comfortable and confident when working with you.   

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