Thank you Life, I needed that.


Thank you Life, I needed that.

I didn’t blog, tweet, update status, check email, VM or watch TV for a week.  I don’t remember the last time I did that.   One colleague had my number to call me if absolutely needed and halleluiah, she didn’t call.

I went on vacation last week.  On a lake in New Hampshire. 

Thank you Life, I needed that.

Interesting and strange new (old?) things happen when you unplug for a week;

You tend to see more up high. (Maybe because your head is not so literally “down” all the time?).  I saw leaves actually already changing color (in mid August!).  And because I was looking up more, I bet that is why I saw that eagle on Tuesday.   

You really do laugh harder (like the crying laughing kind) around real human faces than at gorilla glass or a monitor in front of your mug.  Monopoly (yes – the board game) was a total blast.   And it’s true my dear 15 year olds, this game does require you to use math skills “for real!”   

You definitely need both hands to go fishing, to swim, play bocce, baggo and Frisbee.  I had forgotten about that.  Oh and when you go undefeated in bocce and baggo (as I did) – using both hands to taunt your opponents is a must.

You can sustain commitment too for more important things.  If I was worried about “staying connected” we never would have set the Lake Webster McCarthy Family volleyball record of 163 volleys without a drop.  Why?  Because 5 of us stayed in the water for 4 straight hours to set the record. 

You realize some little/big things you never would if you were hunting all day for a closer cell tower or wifi.  Family and friends have more than just a profile, friend count or followers; they sleep late or get up real early.  They cook well (and you never even knew it).  They can tell a great story, do good impressions, do a 360 dive off a dock while clapping  hands 6 times, reveal things about themselves you never knew (hate horseradish and love pickled olives?) and can do a perfect underwater handstand.

They say a good vacation gets you rested and recharged for work.  That’s kind of true.  I think it can recharge you a bit for Life too – especially if you make sure the only thing that really needs recharging when you get back are the abandoned gadgets you left behind.

Till next time,

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6 thoughts on “Thank you Life, I needed that.

  1. Julie Gordon

    Thanks for reminding us all that we’re human. BTW – your story would have made the movie ‘Grown-ups’ 10x better. 😉

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