I honestly don’t know much about this guy compared to my daughter (23), who would if asked say “Yes please!” and marry him by 10 am today if she could.

Oh, I do love football.  But weekends are busy.  I rarely carve out 4 hours in continuous chunks on Sundays and frankly the Broncos aren’t on much where I live.

But I do know it’s not how it’s supposed to work.

He’s going to get killed out there.  He’s not doing it like he’s supposed to.  He’s going to have to eventually get on board with the way it’s done.  He’s not the future of this team.  He’s not saying things like everyone else.  He’s not going to win.

Except that he does.  And last night, stunningly so.

So maybe it’s not about doing that thing or those things better than anyone else.  Maybe it’s more about ridiculous confidence.  Maybe it’s more about the power of obsessively visualizing a dream than we ever thought.  Maybe its more about fearless dogged hard work and that same fearless dogged conviction about something or anything but yourself.

Look around you now.

Think hard at the people working next to you, or those lined up as applicants in the lobby of your building, or those who work in the little satellite office you’ve visited once or twice.  Maybe a kind of Tebow like person is right there thinking the wrong way, saying the wrong stuff and just plain working off a whole different playbook than you and me.

Those folks may not know it yet ( or know it without a doubt),  that that is not how it is supposed to work.

Maybe now though, you should hold off telling them that and just keep it to yourself.

Till next time,
Grow The Business.


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