Lois’ Lessons


I think of how good it is to create opportunities for others, for that is really the best you can do.  What we do with those opportunities of course, is up to us.

I think of how good it is to heed the advice of “offer it up and move on!”   That counsel is authored by many, yet so few of us act accordingly with any consistency.  We should pledge to do better.

I think of how good it is to unexpectedly just send a note or a check or even yourself to someone in need.  And to do it unannounced and tell it to no one.  There is something so pure about that.

I think of how good it is not to waste time.   It’s never coming back.  Spend those “down” times learning or helping or creating something if not for yourself, then at least for someone else.

I think of how good it is to make those individuals close to you feel like it is just you and them; and that “No, there is no one else but you”  that I focus on or care about.  If you can pull that off, you are wondrous.        

I think of how good it is to spend a life in the care or protection of others as a career and as a parent.  Blessed are those that don’t leave work at work, but rather without missing a beat, bring the best of that work home every single night.


I think of these things because later today my family and I will more formally remember someone who taught me so much about what you read here.   I was not my Mother’s greatest student in these lessons but am smart enough to know they do live tattered and duct taped somewhere within me.   

She centered her life on caring; on making you feel like you “were the only one” she was thinking about and always surprised or helped when you never expected it.   Above all, she made, prayed and worked very hard to make opportunities for us.

Her passing this week is difficult but an opportunity at home or at work for all of us, especially me.    Be more purposeful about embracing the lessons of my mother, Lois.   

Go ahead and steal shamelessly from her (but don’t tell anyone); she’d like that.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


10 thoughts on “Lois’ Lessons

  1. Brenda

    What a wonderful tribute to honor your mom. The lessons we learn from fine people like her do live in all of us. My sympathy and condolences to you and your family, Mark.

  2. Cheryl

    I am sorry for your loss Mark. Thank you for sharing the lessons you learned from Lois, with us. What a wonderful inheritance you received!

  3. Mark – your Mom sounds like a remarkable woman who will continue to live on in all those she touched. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts about her. Take care of yourself, Julie Gordon

  4. Kelly McAleese

    My sympathy and condolences to you and your family, Mark. Thank you for sharing your Mom’s wisdom with us. It’s a wonderful legacy to share.

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