[100 Words Or Less] – Mayhem Who?


When I post on a Monday, I’m pledging to keeping it to 100 words or less.

It’s busy enough on Monday no?

I like those Mayhem commercials with Dean Winters. They’re funny. Here’s one.  Problem is everyone I ask can’t remember which insurance company he is shilling for.  Doesn’t happen with Flo or the Gecko or even that floating “T” Umbrella.

Funny, smart commercials only work when people associate them with your company. That goes for you Mr. or Ms. Salesperson.  Make sure your smart commercials ( voicemails, emails, contacts) aren’t just memorable about you but something bigger too.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



2 thoughts on “[100 Words Or Less] – Mayhem Who?

  1. Bree

    Big fan of those Allstate commercials too. Had the same thing happen when teaching a class when I used the pay-it-forward commercials reference – do you remember what insurance company that is?

    Great words of wisdom for those of us tasked with creating the “messages” sales will share. Gotta make it sticky… while tying it to the business.

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