It’s Way More Than Annoying


Busy small business owners calling to place orders or get information don’t want to wait long for you to enter the same bloody product they’ve been ordering for 6 years, or want to answer a lot of your questions, or want to verify a lot of information or listen to your order summary or confirmation number or whatever it is you might need to do.

Shocker eh?

Yeah, like you didn’t know that already.

You know they just don’t see the value, not with the 10 minutes they got before the post office closes and those packages have got to go, or are you kidding me?, that snow is falling again and the side walk needs to get sanded now or it’s almost 4 o’clock and Jimmy The Geek is leaving but there’s no way that router cannot not be working tomorrow when you’ve the hall rented out.

But you can help them deal with the perceived annoyances of doing business with you.  You can help you too.

It truly is way more than they think – this annoying stuff you do.   Help them think deeper.

Small businesses need a little nudge to the deep side sometimes.   Wont’ take much; these are prideful, intelligent and passionate people.   And it makes you look smart and sure as heck makes them know you care.

  • “This is your business we’re talking about on this, so let me double check some things here…”


  • “This is your investment here so let me ask a couple of questions to maximize it…”


  • “This is your brand reputation we’re looking at here with this so I’ve got to ask these 3 quick questions…”


  • “This is your image at this trade show, so let’s make sure everything is perfect…..”


  • “This is revenue potential we’re talking about here with this product so read it back to me if you would…”


  • “This is your compliance stuff so let’s summarize that we have gotten everything here…


Everything in bold above means something valuable to a small business owner or team member.   Remind them of these before you execute on all that stuff they think is simply a pain.

Verify information because it’s way more than a product being accurate.  Ask questions because it’s way more than you trying to sell other stuff.  Summarize things because it’s way more than what you are supposed to do.

Think way more because frankly, it is. 

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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