Voting Continues Today


You voted yesterday.   Cool beans. 

You are also voting today.   And you are voting tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

You’ll still see lots of campaign signage laying around whether it’s an inspirational poster you walk by everyday or that performance chart ranking your sales or division vs. everyone else.    And you’ll either walk on by oblivious to the message or you’ll stop, take it in and wonder what it means to you.   Either way you are voting.

You’ll attend yet another campaign rally at 8:30am and you’ll listen to a stump speech by that person in power just like you do every day.  And you’ll either cross your arms and stare at the floor or you’ll open up and offer a helpful comment or two.  Either way you are voting.

You’ll still get campaign phone calls coming in at those inopportune times with folks on the other end who just want you to listen to them as they plead their case.   And you’ll either half listen just enough to get by or you’ll listen real well and make their day promising to do their bidding.  Either way you are voting.

You get to make important choices way more than every 4 years or every other year.  You get to make them every darn day.

You can choose to look at it like that or not.  Either way you are voting.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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