A Card


She looked at the envelope and didn’t know quite what to think.   She didn’t expect anything from him and hadn’t for a long time.   He had drifted away it seemed, they hardly ever talked yet she still felt loyal to him.

So she opened the card.


Dear Erin,

I wasn’t sure given all that was going on that you’d stay with me.   But I am so happy that you did. 

We have shared much over the years but I know I’ve taken you for granted.   I know I just expected you to always be there.   I know I just assumed you would never leave me. 

And you didn’t.   For that I am so grateful.

When we hit that rough patch last year I got scared.  I’m still a little scared.  I realize I had gotten careless around you and around others in my family.   You Erin, were there for me in the beginning when I was young and just starting out and I think I forgot that.

This note is very important to me because you are important to me. 

This note says “thank you” for being there then and being there now.  This note embodies that adage “Make new friends but keep the old, for one is silver, the other gold”.

Erin, thank you for sticking with me.  Thank you for keeping me close.  This note says I won’t forget that ever again. 

Thank you for your business,



Surprised?  Unfortunately, most of us reading this probably are. 

But Erin is not a lot different from many customers who have been with you for a few years. She’s likely similar to customers you have or maybe your business has, that despite the fiscal challenges, the new competitors she could choose from, and maybe even absorbing your price increases, has chosen to quietly stick with you.

Would a business owner write a note or have a card ultra personalized like in the above example for Erin?  Sure, why not?  Maybe not as much as written above (but I wouldn’t besmirch anyone who wanted to write a card for their top 10- 100 customers like above- well worth it!)  The point is that a card done right can be a very special message to a customer, one that can make them feel cherished.

A well done card maybe for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or for any Holiday can mean so much more than a mere ”thanks”.   Heck, a simple “thank you” note done right can mean something quite wonderful.

And it should.   

It’s time to start planning about how you’ll acknowledge your clients. 

Do it better this year.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


2 thoughts on “A Card

  1. FrancisMcCarthy

    i rely like this blog. this says that if you treat your costomers as actual people rather then “clients” then they’ll respect you and stick with your bisness and if your lucky then they might bing oyu up in a conversation and recommened you to another ” person”. Mark you are very wise because u see the treating others as the should be treated and benifit u and them .

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