Are You Smarter Than Your Website?


I hope so. 

I’d like to think most people are smarter than their website and quite frankly, realize they need to get even smarter.  

In a cluttered marketplace, Sales people, Service people and anyone who actually talks to customers must become the Differentiator, the Linchpin, the Trust Agent, the Service Ninja etc. etc.  to stand out from the competition.  

Before more smartness can happen, we have to make sure we are at least not dumber than our own websites.

Here’s 5 ways you can tell.

  1. If your website gives testimonials of how products helped solve a problem, grew top line revenue or saved costs, and you don’t; your website is smarter.
  2. If your website recommends a new product based on the current purchase leveraging what “other like customers buy” (like most websites do), and you don’t; your website is smarter.
  3. If your website doesn’t require a prospect to give more than a name and an email address before it sends out more information, and you do; then your website is smarter.
  4. If your website allows a customer to quickly start an order, stop midstream and check out something else, then go back to the order, and you don’t, then your website is smarter.
  5. If your website shows smiling, enthusiastic and happy people on every page, and you’re not; your website is smarter.


If you missed even one of these, start studying hard, maybe even get a tutor; expectations of you are high my friend.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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