Steve Jobs Our Loss

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Getty Images

 It feels personal to me.   We  lost a truly great man. He wasn’t a hero, a president, a rock star or a childhood sports idol.  He was none of those but by gosh, he was all of those. There are so few original thoughts in the world yet he thrived in giving us glorious ideas we never thought of.


Yet we didn’t know anything about his personal life, his illness or his family. He didn’t want us to.  And we, refreshingly, didn’t care to know.  In that speaks volumes about purity and priority.

There is something better. That is what he believed. So simple;   There is something better. So wonderful.

He was also a business leader (uncomfortably for some), and yet that is what so many of our fathers and mothers, customers and even ourselves are. It’s not a bad thing this business of business he knew, for it fuels the joyful lives of so many people.

As I finish this post on one of his instruments; the IPad, it occurs to me how poignant that is. It never leaves my side. It contains so much better my thoughts, my passions, my dreams and my visions. How fitting is it for all of us and for him that the result of his dreams and visions helps us so easily partake in our own.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Our Loss

  1. Steve

    Mark – Well put. I can think of no one that exemplifies the notion that innovation is the engine of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

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