Larry Bird?


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There’s a board game called TriBond where you identify the commonality of three clues given.  It’s pretty fun.

Last weekend, my 14 year old son was given these three:


He correctly said “Bird”.  Then asked, “I know Big Bird and a Jay Bird, but what the heck is a “Larry Bird”?



What else do I incorrectly assume is a basic reference with someone I know well? Or with colleagues, employees or customers?

It’s worse than that actually.

I assume this blog makes sense to you.   But how many are saying “Who the heck is Larry Bird?”

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4 thoughts on “Larry Bird?

  1. Ahh, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan… when sports heroes didn’t have to worry about reporters digging into their dirty personal lives.

    Or maybe it was just, as a kid, I never heard about all of the ugly stuff. Branding is more difficult in this century.

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