It’s a goal you can have.  It’s a choice you can make.

Yes you can be helpful, wonderful, fantastic, amazing or even, the best. 

But to be invaluable, that’s better. 

Invaluable to your boss, your partner, your team or your child.  To be priceless.  To be heroic.  To be unfathomably missed.

That takes doing.  That takes more than executing on your skills or tapping into your smarts.       

Invaluable takes big and different dreams.   Invaluable takes stringing together moments of thoughtful brilliance.    Invaluable takes a mission-like obsession.

You know it’s there for each of us.  Let’s go do that. 

Till next time,

Grow The Business


Mondays are busy.   All Monday posts are 100 words or less.


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